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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.3

MPC HomeCinema will allow you to play audio and video files
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MPC HomeCinema is a free program that will allow you to play audio and video files.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema is based on the original "Media Player Classic", another free player developed by Gabest, and based on Windows Media Player 6.4. The author has developed this player in order to make use of the main advantage of that version of Windows Media Player – its small weight. Then, he added some features to the player, though keeping it light. However, the project was abandoned, though a new team took it up and keeps working on it.

This program is able to play DVDs, DVD folders, and video files. It allows you to load subtitles, and it even gives you the possibility of searching for them in the Internet and loading them from a website. If you want to play the video using an alternative soundtrack, you can also load it, and MPC will play it. This version includes an option to remove the tearing effect that some computers seem to present when playing videos.

This program can be used in several languages, and it integrates the latest video and audio codecs available.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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