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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.2

MPC Homecinema is a software sound, audio and video player
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Media Player Classic- Homecinema 1.2 is a software sound, audio and video player program that can handle many video formats including Blue-Ray DVDs which is modeled on the WMP.6 original design and is now constantly updated by over 20 developers, since the original creation of the Media Player Classic in 2006.

The simplicity and up to date functionality of the original is retained and this program is true Freeware and released under the GNU General Public License. Aimed at Home Cinema users and video creators alike, the Media Player Classic- Homecinema 1.2 is fully featured and is capable of playing even Quick Tim and RealMedia content (if these freameworks are in place). The internal filters include MP4, Matrasko, FLV and Ogg and DXVA decoders for H.264 and VC-1 video. The program can also play DivX, MP3, and DVD Blue-Ray and can cope with nearly every format.

The built in DVD player has real-time zoom, and using the right and left keys makes it possible to go forward/backward a single frame, and with Ctrl and Right/Left Arrow keys, skipping one predefined quantity of frames is possible. Keys are completely customisable though, and in full screen, the dimensionality of images can be adjusted by users, who can adopt a cinema format or a television format. Also, in full screen mode, putting the mouse in the lower portion of the screen will show a scroll bar.

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